Our missions

Our missions

Created by Remy de Haenen in 1984, the Hotels Association is devoted to promote the development of tourism for Saint-Barthelemy and its hotels in respect with the island's traditional values.

As of today, it is counting most of all professionals from the hotel and housing industry and offering different types of accommodation : hotels, cottages, hotel residences and villas for rent.

In 2013, the Hotels Association has been renamed the Saint-Barthelemy Hotels and Villas Association. This name change best represents its diversity.

This collaboration associated to the sharing of individual skills led to the necessary dynamism in order to better advertise the island and its housing capacities. Every year, several trips are organized in Europe, United States of America and Central or South America in order to develop new professional relationships but also to preserve and embellish the existing ones.

This ambition to develop tourism also brings the Hotels and Villas Association to take an active part of the global brainstorming in regards to the growth of Saint-Barthelemy. That is why, for the last years, we have been working on; beside many more subjects; the difficulties of air travel to our destination, the required visas to enter Saint-Barthelemy, the sand refurbishment of the beaches, the greetings of clients at the airport...

On the other hand, in the spirit of staying in sync with the local community, the Association stays active by supporting events such as the Transat AG2R, the StBarth Music festival, the St-Barth Summer session, etc...

Today just like yesterday, while staying aware of our partners, residents, and visitors, we carry on our efforts to promote St Barth with the announced ambition to better and diversify all that our island can bring to tourism while respecting the local environmental, social and cultural guidelines who make Saint-Barthelemy so rich, intriguing and attractive.