A word from the President

A word from the President

Discrete crumb of paradise, Saint-Barthelemy brings out a homey feeling of well being and incomparable peace of mind to visitors. Our guests feel like home and believe they virtually own what they experience.

Beyond what is well know by all about the island - generous sun, wide white-sand beaches, quality of service, availability, the way people do it here and are here - Saint-Barth has a soul ; an intimate soul that can be discovered little by little and with time...

This is what the Hotels and Villas Association of Saint-Barth wants to make you explore.

Saint-Barth is all at once: Live at your speed, with your family, friends, on your own if you like being on your own or live from your passions, may they be related to the sea, to sport, or to the discovery of the jewels of St Barth... you just need to open your eyes and your heart and let them guide you through your wishes and fancy taste.

And in order for its visitors to enjoy all the advantages of Saint-Barthelemy, the Hotels and Villas Association continues its hard work towards the development of the island but equally towards what already makes our island so famous.

Come and visit... Everything here is ready to welcome you in the best ways, in luxurious hotels which, with pure and natural charm, also provide the top notch services that one can expect at this high standard, or on a more intimate way, in the numerous and original rental villas.

Come, we've got all it takes to make of your dreams an unforgettable reality.

Anne Dentel