A word from the President

A word from the President

Often referred to as the “Jewel of The Caribbean,” Saint-Barthélemy is an island with a distinct character of its own.

An exceptional luxury destination, in addition to its white sand beaches and crystalline water, the island embraces luxury hotels, prestigious villas, gourmet restaurants, and top-name designer boutiques. And yet its richness goes way beyond all that.

On this island of just eight square miles, glamour and simplicity live side by side. The history and heritage of the island, as well as its local culture, are well rooted.

The natural environment of Saint-Barthélemy makes the island even more incredible. Its fauna and flora, on land as at sea, are protected and part of the island’s persona.

A true haven of peace, the island redefines the sense of a warm welcome by marrying the art of French hospitality and the laidback lifestyle of Saint Barth.

That is how the island appears to its visitors—without any pretension, yet in all its beauty.

Welcome to Saint-Barthélemy !

Olivier Leroy

President of the Hotels and Villas Association